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At TDC we strive to provide our students with a joyful dance experience through quality education, training and a healthy atmosphere.  We want our Competition Dancers to possess the desire to be more, to dance and learn more and to be responsible and enjoy this opportunity.  This is not just an effort for your child… This is a collective effort; it will require effort from TDC Staff/Faculty, parental involvement, the dancer and the entire competition team.  Please take all of this into account prior to attending the annual audition.


Make sure this competition team is the right decision for your child and your family.  A stressed out and over-extended child is an unhappy child.  Information can be the key to a calmer and productive experience so please take the time to read and understand the expectations. 


TDC Competition Dancers must adhere to Tilt Dance Company Policies at all times, however, they do have a separate policy and procedure handout that can be obtained by attending the audition mandatory parent meeting. 


TDC Competition Dancers are an elite group within the Tilt Dance Company. Auditions for placement on the Competition Dance Team(s) are held every July/August.  There is a non-refundable fee of $20 per student charged for the audition.  This annual fee is to pay for the distinguished panel of adjudicators that come in to evaluate the students who wish to compete and become a TDC Competition Dancer. 


Auditions are mandatory annually and previous year’s placement does not guarantee a Competition Dancer will be accepted in the following year.   Being a TDC Competition Dancer requires a dedicated work ethic which includes a positive attitude, excellent attendance and proper dance school/theatre etiquette.   


In the event your dancer is not selected for the competition team but shows the potential to be a TDC Competition Dancer, we have established two levels of Pre-Competition.  These dancers are held to the exact same standards as a Competition Dancer and must adhere to the same TDC policies including attendance, attitude and attire.  Pre-Competition must attend the required technique class (es), a weekly Pre-Competition hour and will be expected to compete one dance routine.


Please note students are placed into class based on their current ability level, learning potential, physical fitness and athletic ability.  AGE AND PLACEMENT OF EACH DANCER SHALL BE LEFT SOLELY TO THE DISCRETION OF THE TDC STAFF/FACULTY.  Any comments/calls referring to your dancers or someone else’s placement will not be tolerated.  Any negative comments from a parent or dancer of the TDC Competition or Pre-Competition Company will be addressed and could be grounds for your dancers’ immediate dismissal from the competition program.

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